District allocation

District allocation can be applied throughout the year for projects or events that promote the welfare of the residents and sustainable development of the region, and that aim at a pleasant and safe environment as well as diverse and distinctive communities.

The district committees and Svenska kommittén decide on granting district allocation. As a general rule, the applications for district allocation are handled three times a year.

The applications shall be submitted at least 21 days before the event for which district allocation is applied is to take place, as well as 21 days before the meeting where the application is to be handled. Applications are to be submitted to the City of Vantaa Registry, address: Vantaan kaupunki, Kirjaamo, Konserni- ja asukaspalveluiden toimiala, Asematie 7, 01300 Vantaa. A district-allocation application is addressed to the district committee that decides on the matter.

You can also leave applications and accounts at Vantaa Info.

Grounds for awarding grants approved by the General Section on January 19, 2015, will be applied to granting of district allocation. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the grounds for awarding grants and specific instructions concerning acceptable costs before submitting an application.