Group and Citizen Services

The Group and Citizen Services department, founded at the beginning of 2013, consists of Group Services, headed by Deputy Mayor Martti Lipponen, and Citizen Services, headed by Deputy Mayor Jaakko Niinistö.

The department's regulations define its tasks, which are the following, among others: developing group control; coordinating accounting, IT administration and procurement; as well as producing occupational health and search and rescue services. In addition, the department is responsible for issues related to employment, non-discrimination and multiculturalism; residents' democracy; counseling and user services; as well as ensuring the development of case management. The Group and Citizen Services department also arranges social- and patient-agent operations as well as financial and debt counseling.

The department has a shared Financial and Administrative Services result division.

The City Executive Board's General Section acts as the board of the Group and Citizen Services department.