Safer Vantaa - participate to a safety and security survey

  • Do you feel safe while walking in your residential area in the evenings?
  • What are your worries concerning safety and security at your neighborhood?
  • Have you been facing a crime or accident in your residential area?

Participate to the Vantaa City Security Survey by 15.12.2017 and be involved in improving the safety and security of your hometown.

Security affects every city resident. It is important that the City of Vantaa is safe to live now and in the future. To create a comprehensive picture about the security situation in the city, information is collected from residents of the area.

The purpose of this survey is to provide valuable information to the public authorities for safety and security work at Vantaa.
Answering the questionnaire takes about 15 minutes. The city of Vantaa conducts this safety survey in cooperation with the Crime Prevention Council. The answers of a single respondent are not reflected in the results of the survey. (At the end of the study, the research data will be archived in the Social Science Data Archive for later research use.)

Safety and security survey

More information
City of Vantaa, Head of risk management and preparedness, Heikki Kangas, tel. 09 83911
Crime Prevention Council, Specialist Markus Alanko, tel. 0295 150 400