Part-time early childhood education

In Vantaa, part-time early childhood education is provided as a part-day or part-week service, 20 hours per week. Part-time early childhood education is planned and implemented in group form, compliant with the early-childhood-education plan and the objectives of the Early Childhood Education Act. As a general rule, children participating in part-time early childhood education will constitute groups of their own.

Part-day, that is, daily early childhood education, is provided 4 hours per day on five days of the week, from Monday to Friday. Activities for these children will take place either in the morning or in the afternoon. The groups’ operating time will be annually specified, based on the flexibility of arranging the activities and on the number of children. Children in part-day early childhood education will be given lunch.

Part-week, that is, early childhood education on 3 days of the week, will be provided in day-care centers annually agreed. Children will be designated a place in part-week early childhood education either from Monday to Wednesday (alternative 1) or from Wednesday to Friday (alternative 2).

alternative 1)
Child present part of the week
Monday: 8 hours
Tuesday: 8 hours
Wednesday morning: 4 hours
alternative 2)
Child present part of the week
Wednesday afternoon: 4 hours
Thursday: 8 hours
Friday: 8 hours

Early-childhood-education plan dictates activities

In the early-childhood-education plan (May 15, 2017, Education Committee), a child’s growth and development is viewed from different perspectives, which are: thinking and learning, cultural competence, interaction and expression, caring for oneself and everyday skills, multiliteracies, and ICT competence, as well as participation and influencing.

Child groups’ activities are planned and implemented in accordance with the early-childhood-education plan. In addition, an individual early-childhood-education plan will be devised for each child together with the guardians that accounts for the group in planning and implementing activities.

You can apply for early childhood education around the year by submitting an application form. Click here to view regional day-care centers arranging part-time early childhood education.