Aviapolis center

Aviapolis’ workplace area on its way to a city where it's fun to stay

A new city that attracts residents, businesses and travelers is arising in the vicinity of the airport, in the workplace-rich Aviapolis area.

Perjantai 7.9.2018
Dental care

Urgent dental care centralized in Tikkurila

Urgent dental care will be centralized in Tikkurila health center's dental clinic as of August 13, 2018. The dental clinic is open from Monday to Friday.

Perjantai 10.8.2018

IHH serves newcomers also in Vantaa

International House Helsinki provides a wide range of information and public authority services to meet the needs of international newcomers in the metropolitan area.

Torstai 30.8.2018
Working hours at school

Back to school

How are the working hours 2018-2019 in preschool, basic education and high schools?

Maanantai 6.8.2018

Young people

Youth centers have new opening hours

All Vantaa's major regions offer something to do on a Saturday night

Perjantai 31.8.2018

Learn Finnish this autumn

The Finnishcourses.fi service contains plenty of courses at various levels and of various lengths in Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen.

Tiistai 14.8.2018