Moving to Vantaa?

Welcome! It’s great that you have chosen Vantaa as your new hometown. We hope that you will stay here for a very long time.

Maanantai 18.6.2018

Katrineberg Manor is located in Vantaa’s Seutula. A domestic animal yard, maintained by 4H organization, lies right by the manor.

Maanantai 18.6.2018

There is a lot of fun things to do in Vantaa this summer. Check out our list and pic your favorite.

Maanantai 18.6.2018

The carpet washing places in Vantaa are open from May 12 to September 30. There are altogether eleven carpet washing places in Vantaa.

Maanantai 11.6.2018

Infopankki is a multilingual website providing vital information to people planning to move to Finland and to immigrants already living in the country.

Keskiviikko 25.4.2018

Guidance and advice without appointment at Koivukylä Service Center. Information about using Kela, registry office, police and the City of Vantaa's various services.

Tiistai 5.6.2018