Dance weeks entice people to dance at Vantaa malls and art centers

In connection with the International Dance Day, Vantaa will again celebrate Dance weeks on April 17–29.

Torstai 19.4.2018

Smart growth and development in the hometown. How?

Where and when Vantaa should be further built? Where could traffic be more flexible or where would you like to see a new park, for instance? Tell us your best ideas on the map-based survey.

Torstai 19.4.2018

Effectiveness and measurement

Welcome to Vantaa to a seminar on strategic procurement on May 29th.

Torstai 29.3.2018

The service center will inform you about using TE (Employment and Economic Development Center), Kela, registry office, police and the City of Vantaa's various services.

Perjantai 20.4.2018

Infopankki is a multilingual website providing vital information to people planning to move to Finland and to immigrants already living in the country.

Keskiviikko 25.4.2018

Area Day in Länsimäki

Come meet Vantaa’s employees and the local planners on Area Day on Länsimäki-Rajakylä’s village day, May 5 at 10-14.

Keskiviikko 25.4.2018