Aviapolis center

Aviapolis’ workplace area on its way to a city where it's fun to stay

A new city that attracts residents, businesses and travelers is arising in the vicinity of the airport, in the workplace-rich Aviapolis area.

Perjantai 7.9.2018
Protect yourself and your relatives and friends against influenza

Protect yourself and your relatives and friends against influenza

The seasonal flu is a respiratory tract infection, more severe than an ordinary cold, and it may cause severe complications.

Perjantai 9.11.2018

Call Medical Helpline 116 117

Call the toll-free Medical Helpline 116 117 number before going to HUS Peijas Hospital's emergency clinic, when your health center is closed.

Maanantai 8.10.2018

IHH serves newcomers also in Vantaa

International House Helsinki provides a wide range of information and public authority services to meet the needs of international newcomers in the metropolitan area.

Maanantai 29.10.2018

Indoor-air symptom survey begins

Users of all Vantaa schools, day-care centers and Vantaa Vocational College Varia will receive a survey of indoor-air symptoms on November 13-28.

Tiistai 13.11.2018
Vantaa-info. Picture: Sakari Manninen

Replace your Travel Card in Vantaa Info

Travel Card users must replace their Travel Cards with the new HSL card or switch to the HSL app during this autumn.

Maanantai 29.10.2018