Dance Day gala

This year people can enjoy the fabulous dance performances of the Dance Day gala free of charge. The Dance Day gala takes place on April 29. Distribution of free tickets began today at Vantaa Infos and all of the tickets have now found their new owners. Thank you to everyone who picked up their tickets and welcome to enjoy the show!

Maanantai 13.3.2017
Picture link to the Ohjaamo Vantaa page.

Multilingual mondays at Ohjaamo

Are you under 30? Do you need help with writing job applications or do you need other guidance. Multilingual mondays are for you!

Torstai 9.2.2017
Jam session in Vernissa

Jam culture flourishes in Vernissa

Vernissa’s new rhythm music club brings top domestic artists and jam sessions to Vantaa.

Maanantai 20.2.2017
Picture link to Silkinportti web page.

Activity groups at Silkinportti

Take a look at the Silkinportti activity center's program for spring 2017 and find a group that interests you most!

Maanantai 13.2.2017

Infopankki is a multilingual website providing vital information to people planning to move to Finland and to immigrants already living in the country.

Torstai 9.2.2017

Visit Vantaa

The City of Vantaa has launched a new Visit Vantaa website.

Torstai 29.12.2016