Tikkurila tori concert

Rock on in Tikkurila

At Tikkurila Market Square, August 17th and 18th Rock Classics and Kalevauva.fi – free of charge.

Maanantai 6.8.2018
Dental care

Urgent dental care centralized in Tikkurila

Urgent dental care will be centralized in Tikkurila health center's dental clinic as of August 13, 2018. The dental clinic is open from Monday to Friday.

Perjantai 10.8.2018
Residents jury

Residents sought for New Vantaa jury

Vantaa has launched a reform that will create the city of the future. Residents can participate in preparing the reform.

Tiistai 14.8.2018
Working hours at school

Back to school

How are the working hours 2018-2019 in preschool, basic education and high schools?

Maanantai 6.8.2018
Floral fields

The flowers are now ready to be picked

One can now pick up flowers in the city of Vantaa’s floral fields. There are sunflowers, cornflowers, garden marigolds and honey flowers growing on the fields.

Torstai 2.8.2018

Learn Finnish this autumn

The Finnishcourses.fi service contains plenty of courses at various levels and of various lengths in Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen.

Tiistai 14.8.2018