Koisoranta 24 Hour Shelter

Koisoranta 24 hour shelter
Koisotie 3, 01300 Vantaa
tel. (09) 8392 4398
fax. (09) 8392 2118

24 hour shelter
Koisoranta provides a basic short term shelter combined with a service to help find housing and/or treatment. A customer who is intoxicated may arrive after 6 p.m., and those who are not under the influence may arrive after 12 noon. No substances are allowed in the building. There is one area for men and one for women to sleep in, with 10 and 3 bed spaces, respectively. The bed spaces are filled on a first come, first served basis. During the night there is a staff of two present. No referral is needed for Koisoranta. Spending the night in the shelter is free of charge.

* A meal costs EUR 2.85.

Staying at Koisoranta for longer
If one want to stay at Koisoranta for a little longer, for a few weeks or a month, one must follow the rules and stay off substances. Koisoranta provides the meals and satisfies the basic needs, and the staff is prepared to give assistance at any time of the day. Entering Koisoranta is through an interview either through the 24 hour shelter or with a referral from a co-operation partner.

* Price: EUR 26 per week.