Information for tourists and immigrants

Are you looking for brochures, maps, information on events or attractions? Tourist information serves you at Myyrmäki and Tikkurila Vantaa Infos. The staff will also tell you about the city's services, language courses and leisure activities. We will guide you to the right place!

Perjantai 4.3.2016
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Get married at the museum

Even though Registry Office closes its operations in Vantaa, you can get married in an even more festive setting: Vantaa City Museum. Some of the services of the Registry Office are provided at Tikkurila Vantaa Info.

Tiistai 7.6.2016

Early bird catches the worm

Downloading your student card in June or July will save you time, as Vantaa Info offices will be busy in August.

Tiistai 21.6.2016
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One-stop service for young adults

Are you under 30 years old? Ohjaamo is a one-stop service that provides guidance in various problem situations. Welcome!

Maanantai 4.4.2016

Infopankki is a multilingual website providing vital information to people planning to move to Finland and to immigrants already living in the country.

Maanantai 4.4.2016

Visit Vantaa

Vantaa - an urban airport city - offers sights and experiences to meet everyones interests. Welcome to Vantaa!

Tiistai 11.8.2015