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Vantaa in brief

How big is Vantaa? How many people live here? Learn more about Vantaa in just a few seconds!

Perjantai 26.5.2017
a young band

Dreaming of a festival stage?

The three best performers of the Free Fall bandcompetition get to do a gig of their own at Free Fall Fest, Aug. 4-6, in Tikkurila.

Torstai 30.3.2017
Jam session in Vernissa

Jam culture flourishes in Vernissa

Vernissa’s new rhythm music club brings top domestic artists and jam sessions to Vantaa.

Maanantai 20.2.2017
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Welcome to citizens' houses!

Citizens' houses offer all Vantaa residents a place for socializing, doing together, and participating in various hobbies and volunteer activities.

Perjantai 26.5.2017


Infopankki is a multilingual website providing vital information to people planning to move to Finland and to immigrants already living in the country.

Torstai 9.2.2017

Visit Vantaa

The City of Vantaa has launched a new Visit Vantaa website.

Torstai 29.12.2016