Technical Aids

If you need technical aids for moving or some other daily activities, you can lend them from the Technical Aids Supply. You can determine the need for technical aids by yourself or it can be done by a relative or an employee of the Health and Social Welfare Department.

The Technical Aids Supply

  • evaluates the need for technical aids
  • finds the suitable technical aids for you
  • guides you with the correct use of technical aids
  • maintains and fixes technical aids (please call and make an appointment beforehand).

If you need an individual support device, you can make an appointment by calling the Physical Therapy phone service number 09 8392 2193 (Mon-Fri: 9:00–11:00). The Physical Therapy does not lend support devices, such as SI belts or back, neck, and upper limb supports, for acute injuries or trial use. Instead, you can buy them from pharmacies, sport stores, and other retailers that sell technical aids.

Minor Aids and Equipment for Daily Activities

You can book an assessment for need for aids in the following occupational therapy service points:

  • Central Vantaa (Tikkurila Health Center) tel. 09 839 28886
  • North Vantaa (Koivukylä Health Center) tel. 09 839 27674
  • West Vantaa (Myyrinkoti Senior Citizens' Center) tel. 09 839 35400 or 09 839 35245

Communication Aids

You can book an assessment for need for aids on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12:00–13:00 in the following service points:

  • Central Vantaa tel. 09 839 23017
  • West Vantaa tel. 09 839 23893
  • North Vantaa tel. 09 839 23822
  • Swedish speakers tel. 09 839 24044