Social counseling

Do not fret alone over you problems, contact us with your questions:

  • Counseling about issues related to basic social assistance and decisions: one-stop appointment service, tel. 09 8392 1119 Mon-Fri: 9–15.
  • Common questions about social assistance: info.toimeentulotuki(at) Due to data security issues, decisions will not be disclosed over the phone.
  • Social Work for Adults' social workers and social advisors:
    The whole Vantaa area's phone consultation and appointments
    tel. 09 8393 1188
    Mon, Tue, Thurs and Friday: 9:00–11:00

Social Work for Adults' social advisors will provide information on social services for adults. You can ask a social advisor about applying for social assistance, as well as advice on finding an appropriate social service or security. Moreover, you can make an appointment with a social advisor for more in-depth analysis of your situation.

When you need other services such as child welfare, child's custody or maintenance, services for the elderly or services for the disabled contact the unit in question.