Reading diplomas

Reading diplomas are meant for students of different ages, to increase their reading and to diversify it. A student studying for the diploma does not have to be a resident in Vantaa.

There are five Finnish-language diplomas for different grades. In addition, there are two diplomas (A and B) for students who study the mother tongue and literature according to the S2 syllabus. Diploma A is well suited for preschoolers and first-graders, too.

You can take the reading diploma also in Swedish and in Russian. Having completed the reading diploma, reading enthusiasts can take a bonus diploma. The diplomas are handed out at the school spring festival.

Fairytale diploma

While reading diplomas are meant for independent performers, the fairytale diploma encourages especially families and groups of children to read together. The fairytale diploma is common to all HelMet libraries, and groups of different sizes as well as individual friends of fairytales can take it.

You will find the City of Vantaa Reading Diplomas, as well as the related instructions and materials, on the Reading Diploma site.