A group of pupils in the library.


Library services for schools per grade:

Grade 1: introductory visit to the local library

Grade 3: booktalk

Grade 4: instruction in information management skills

Grade 7: instruction in information management skills

Grades 8 and 9: booktalk based on resources

Booktalk and reading diplomas

Elementary school teacher: The library offers third-graders booktalk, that is, introductions to stories by a booktalker. The books introduced are included in the list of books to be read for a reading diploma, which means that the booktalk session can also motivate students to take the reading diploma.

Junior high school teacher: Do you know what KuMuKi means? Bring your class to one of these KuMuKi (picture-music-book) booktalk sessions and find out!

High schools and upper secondary education institutions

Library employees serve teachers and students at the college libraries of Tikkurila and Sotunki high schools.


Classes are welcome to participate in different library-arranged events, exhibitions, and fairytale- and story hours. Teacher, bring your class to the library on an experience tour! The libraries will also separately inform schools of forthcoming events. In addition, we welcome classes to arrange their own events on library premises!

Contact us

If you want to book a group visit, contact your local library: Designated libraries and schools.