A storybook on the floor.

Under-school-age children

Day-care groups are welcome to join open fairy-tale hours at the library. It is also possible to arrange group-specific fairy-tale hours, for instance, based on a theme. For example, the library has given fairy-tale hours focusing on Easter, Christmas, animals of the forest, times past, and starting preschool. You will also find potential themes for fairy-tale hours on HelMet.fi/en/children. If you have a big group, please inform the library of your arrival in advance.

Libraries arrange play-like introductions to the library to day-care groups. During these visits, subjects talked about may include, for instance,

  • good handling of books,
  • order in the library,
  • own library card, and
  • loaning and returning items.

When required, libraries will devise subject-specific material packages for day-care centers. Make sure to contact the library at least a week before you need the material. It is also possible to give a day-care-group-specific library card for loaning material.

As of fall 2013, day-care groups have been able to take the Fairytale diploma by reading together books specified on the Fairytale diploma list. The day-care centers write down the books read, and finally the library grants the Reading diploma to the group. For more detailed instructions, go to the library's reading-diploma site.

Libraries have, on a trial basis, given media-education sessions to children of the day-care age. For more information on your local library's services to day-care centers, contact the library employees. You will find the contact information on your local library at: Helmet.fi/en/Libraries and services.