Tennis courts

As of April 25, 2016, you can enjoy tennis on altogether 24 city-owned tennis courts.

Reserve a full-season tennis permit

The City of Vantaa has adopted online reservations for outdoor tennis courts. Earlier, the reservations were made by phone or by visiting Vantaa Info. Now you can use the Timmi online reservation system to book a tennis permit for the summer. You can also choose to pay for it upon invoice or with an exercise voucher. If you want to use exercise vouchers to pay for your tennis permit, you can do that at the counters of all indoor swimming pools in Vantaa.

Full-season fees

Outdoor tennis season begins on April 25 and ends on October 2. You can purchase a full-season tennis permit which allows you to play tennis for one hour per week. The customers will be charged for their reserved tennis permits via Timmi in May 2016.

  • Asphalt tennis court: €30/h/season
  • Artificial turf court: €60/h/season

The full-season permits include VAT (10%).

Paying with an exercise voucher

When you receive the invoice, take it with you and pay it before the due date at a city-owned indoor swimming pool (at the counter of Korso, Tikkurila, Hakunila, Myyrmäki or Martinlaakso indoor swimming pool). Then, deliver a copy of your invoice paid with the exercise voucher and a copy of the cashier's receipt to Sports Services office at the latest by the 24th day of the month in question. You can also take of photo of the invoice and receipt and email it to:, or mail it to: Satu Heino, Vantaan kaupunki, Liikuntapalvelut, Kielotie 20c, 00130 Vantaa.

You can pay for outdoor tennis permits with the following

  • Smartum liikunta- ja kulttuuriseteli
  • Sporttipassi
  • Virikeseteli
  • Tyky-kuntoseteli
  • Ticket Mind & Body card

Please keep in mind that the vouchers are personal.

Take the order confirmation with you when you go and play tennis

The order confirmation—which you can save on your phone or print out—acts as a certificate of your reservation.

Tennis courts

North-east Vantaa

  • Korso (sports ground, Kisatie 23) clay court, 1 court
  • Rekola (sports ground, Joukontie 25) asphalt, 1 court
  • Kulomäki (Maauunintie 17) clay court, 1 court

West Vantaa

  • Kaivoksela (Luolapolku 6) clay court, 3 courts
  • Myyrmäki (Putousrinne) asphalt, 2 courts
  • Vapaalanaukee (Luhtitie 11) asphalt, 3 courts
  • Martinlaakso (Laajavuorentie 1) clay court, 2 courts

East Vantaa

  • Havukallio (Peltoniemenkuja 1) asphalt, 2 courts
  • Hiekkaharju (urheilupuisto, Urheilutie 15) clay court, 2 courts
  • Hakunila (urheilupuisto, Luotipolku) asphalt, 1 court
  • Kartanonkoski (Tilkuntie 9) clay court, 2 courts
  • Pallopuisto (Maratontie) artificial turf, 1 court
  • Rajakylä (Säilätie 31) asphalt, 2 courts
  • Vaunukallio (Hakunilantie 66) asphalt, 1 court