Jam culture flourishes in Vernissa

Jam session in Vernissa

Vernissa’s new rhythm music club brings top domestic artists and jam sessions to Vantaa. In August, Tikkurila will house a novel kind of rhythm music festival, Free Fall Fest.

At the turn of the year, the Free Fall Night club—hosted by the internationally rewarded musicians Kalevi Louhivuori and Jan Vaaka—moved from Storyville to Vernissa. The club plays jazz, soul and other rhythm music. In addition to Free Fall Houseband, each gig has both a top artist and a rising talent, and a Free Fall jam session led by Louhivuori ends the evening.

Each club night is unique and full of surprises for both the performers and the audience. In the course of the evening, the artists have to challenge themselves in a true free fall, since the pieces may vary from one style to another according to improvisations. The artists not only play their own work but also music that is important to them, music with which they have grown up. All the pieces have been re-arranged to leave room for improvisation. The stage is open to the audience; those willing can come onto the stage to improvise with the stars.

Artists that have already thrown themselves in free fall include, among others, Paleface, Jukka Perko, Osmo Ikonen, and Sami Pitkämö. At best, jam sessions have lasted for hours, as the audience and the artists have together lost themselves in the music.

Free Fall Nights clubs in the spring

Feb. 24 Tuomo Prättälä & Tuuli Ikonen
March 31 Emma Salokoski & Hilkka Louhivuori
April 28 Janna & Eva Louhivuori
May 26 Timo Lassy & Linda Fredriksson

The club accommodates around 300 people. Tiketti sells tickets for the Free Fall Night events. Price: €15/€10.
The program begins at 20:30. There is no age limit (minors have an area of their own).

Video material on the Free Fall club on YouTube

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Published: 20.2.2017 
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