Other decision-making bodies

Besides the city council, city executive board and boards, the city's decision-making bodies also include management boards, divisions and committees.

City of Vantaa's other representative bodies

Committees set by the city executive board

  • Aviapolis-Tikkurila-Hakunila Development Committee
  • Lobbying Committee
  • Business Development Committee
  • History Committee
  • Cityscape Committee
  • Koivukylä-Korso Development Committee
  • Advisory Committee for Multicultural Issues
  • Myyrmäki-Kivistö Development Committee
  • Council for the Disabled
  • Council for the Elderly
  • Veterans' Advisory Committee
  • Indoor-air Issues Committee
  • Svenska kommittén
  • Östersundom Committee

Corporation's management boards

  • Keski-Uusimaa Rescue Department's management board
  • Vantaa Oral Health Corporation's management board
  • Vantaa Occupational Health Corporation

Youth Council