Advisory Committee for Multicultural Issues

The tasks of the Advisory Committee for Multicultural Issues include monitoring the living conditios of ethnic minorities and the effects of national migration policies in Vantaa, promoting good ethnic relations, making proposals for developing matters related to immigrants and minorities, and hearing organizations and groups representing them. The members of the advisory committee consist of trustees, experts, and officials.

Political representatives and personal deputies

Sodhi Ranbir, Finnish Social Democratic Party (Liimatainen Reijo)

Lindell Miia, National Coalition Party, vice-chairperson (Yüzlü Murat)

Hakulinen Teija, National Coalition Party (Volkova Katja)

Jashanica Xhemail, National Coalition Party (Osmani Harun)
045 341 4030

Rannikko Pia, Swedish People's Party of Finland (D'Amour Banyanga Jean)
piapaulina.rannikko(at) (jean.banyanga(at)
040 824 4708

Ibrahim Aadan, Finnish Social Democratic Party (Nieminen Miikku)

Ayub Saba, Finnish Social Democratic Party (Salasto Riitta)
040 415 2860

Sjöholm Johanna, Greens (Demnati Karima)
044 367 9245

Diafouka Porelela, Greens (Ahmed Karzan)
040 675 4563

Luttinen Pauli Artturi, Finns Party (Käkelä Mila)
050 350 0284

Hinkonen Andrei, Christian Democrats (Juvonen Leena)
040 533 0865

Karadag Nejdet, Centre Party (Shapcott Raakel)
040 527 1308

Hautakangas Tanja, Left Alliance (Reijonen Kalle)

Permanent expert (Migrant Services)

Kurtti Aira,

Representatives of departments / their deputies:


Health and Social Welfare Department: Valtonen Kirsi

Education Department: Repo Marja, 040 7382133 (Hakkari Pia)

Land use, Building and Environmental Department: Rajala Johanna, 050 3028975

External experts / deputies

Eastern Uusimaa Police Department: Ojala Jarmo,

Uusimaa TE service: Hiltunen Annika.
(Harri Tiainen)

EnterpriseVantaa: Korhonen Marketta,

Rapporteur: Lautiola Hannele, Head of Multicultural Affairs, 040 865 9627

Secretary: Anttila Anu, Planner of Multicultural Affairs, 050 314 5600

The deputy mayor of Citizen Services is entitled to be present at the advisory committee meetings:
Niinistö Jaakko, 09 839 34144,