Local civic grants

Local civic activity grants support such activities arranged by residents, action groups or organizations that promote the sense of community and social interaction locally or regionally. The grants encourage creation of such activities that enrich communities all over the city.

The grant can be awarded to activities that locally promote:

-sense of community
-encounters between residents
-communication and flow of information
-interaction between different population segments or
-enhanced urban comfort and safety.

The grants can be awarded as operating grants or project assistance.

The applications shall be submitted at least 21 days before the event for which district allocation is applied is to take place, as well as 21 days before the meeting where the application is to be handled. Operating grants for local civic activity will be sought primarily by filling in an electronic application form in the Oma Vantaa Service (in Finnish). Other applications and accounts are to be submitted to the City of Vantaa Registry, address: Vantaan kaupungin kirjaamo, PL 1100, 01030 Vantaan kaupunki or Email: kirjaamo@vantaa.fi

You can also leave applications and accounts at Vantaa Info.

Grounds for awarding grants approved by the General Section (valid as of February 1st 2018) will be applied to granting of district allocation. Be sure to familiarize yourself also with General grounds for grants and stipends.