The city as biller

The City of Vantaa recommends that its customers use electronic invoices, that is, e-invoices. The majority of invoices sent by the City of Vantaa and its corporations can already be received in a paperless format; businesses are sent e-invoices and consumer customers are sent e-invoices to their own online bank. Customer who cannot yet receive e-invoices are sent paper invoices. When you pay an invoice, be sure to use the reference on the bill, so that the payment is targeted to the right invoice.

The City of Vantaa can deliver in electronic form

• different departments’ invoices through general invoicing
• health centers’ invoices
• Adult Education Institute’s invoices
• Housing Services’, Services for the Mentally Disabled's and Services for the Disabled’s invoices
• Home Care for Families with Children's invoices
• child day-care invoices
• Child Foster and Residential Care's invoices
• Outpatient Services for the Elderly's, Nursing Home Services’ and Hospital Services’ invoices
• schools’ and day-care centers’ exercise-premises invoices
• Vantaa Art School's and Vantaa Music Institute’s invoices
• matriculation examination invoices
• Vantaa Sports Services’ invoices
• Vantaa Occupational Health Corporation’s invoices
• Keski-Uusimaa Rescue Department’s general invoices (no patient transportation invoices)
• City of Vantaa Oral Health Corporation’s invoices
• Marja-Vantaa's general invoices.

A paper invoice sent to consumer customers has all the data required for making an e-invoicing agreement with their online bank, if they can, in the future, receive the invoice directly to their online bank. Instructions for adopting an e-invoice is available in your own online bank and the bank's customer service.

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Businesses’ e-invoice

The City of Vantaa sends e-invoices to businesses that have notified the city of their willingness to receive them. You can email the notification to: verkkolaskut(at) Contact the same email address if you need more information about the City of Vantaa’s invoicing.

Vantaa's e-invoices are forwarded by OpusCapita Group, operator ID: 003710948874 Inquiries about invoices:

Vantaan kaupunki / talouspalvelukeskus
PL 315
01301 Vantaa
tel: 09 839 22004
email: myyntilaskut(at)

Collection of invoices

According to the City of Vantaa’s invoicing and collection instructions, the term of payment of invoices is 14 days from the date of the invoice + three banking days. The City of Vantaa has an agreement on collection services with Intrum Justitia Oy. Based on the agreement, Intrum Justitia Oy is responsible for payment reminders regarding the City of Vantaa's due receivables as well as for further collection measures. €2.10 will be charged for a reminder.

City as the invoice recipient

Billing information:

City of Vantaa
Business ID: 0124610 - 9

City of Vantaa, 003701246109
City of Vantaa, Oral Health Care, 0037012461091213
City of Vantaa, Occupational Health Care, 0037012461091210
City of Vantaa, Keski-Uudenmaa Rescue Department, 0037012461091211

Forwarder of e-invoices
Opus Capita Group Oy, operator ID: 003710948874

The City of Vantaa receives, for the most part, e-invoices. If you cannot deliver electronic invoices, send the invoices to the following mailing addresses:

Vantaan kaupunki,PL 6007, 00021 LASKUTUS
Vantaan kaupunki/ Suun terveydenhuolto, PL 6015, 00021 LASKUTUS
Vantaan kaupunki/Työterveys, PL 6080, 00021 LASKUTUS
Vantaan kaupunki/Keski-Uudenmaan Pelastuslaitos, PL 6098, 00021 LASKUTUS

All invoices shall have the name of the subscriber, delivery address of the item of merchandise or service, as well as the reference number supplied by the subscriber.

For further information, contact: