Pyöräilijöitä Tikkurilan asemalla

Council term strategy

The City of Vantaa strategy is compiled for four years per council terms. The council term strategy specifies the city's vision, values, strategic focuses and goals.

Vantaa's vision

Brave and relaxed Vantaa is a pioneer and a responsible growth center.

Vantaa's values

The city's values translate into a shared understanding of what is important and valuable to us. They dictate the city's decision-making and the operations of the entire organization. In addition, the departments may have ethical principles determined on the basis of their operations.
The city is committed to promoting equality and non-discrimination in its operations and decision-making. Vantaa implements the Act on Equality between Women and Men and the Non-Discrimination Act in accordance with its 2017-2020 Equality and Non-Discrimination plan.


Openness means that the city's decision-making and entire operational culture is transparent. We will listen and share information. We are an international city. We are committed to talking with the surrounding society.


We have the courage to become a future vanguard. We will adhere to the culture of testing where we act without prejudice and challenge established procedures. We will search for solutions and engage in dialogue with all actors.


Accountability means that we will secure a good life to the present and future generations. Preparation and decision-making will account for ecological, social and financial perspectives.

Sense of community

Sense of community entails participation, creating trust and community spirit, as well as commitment to joint goals. We are a good partner to residents, businesses and communities.

Strategic focuses

The focuses of the City of Vantaa strategy consist of:

  • We will ensure that our economy is balanced
  • We will strive at an integrated city structure while cherishing the nearby nature.
  • We will increase the city's vitality and attractiveness
  • We will promote our residents’ wellbeing
  • We are pioneers in service development
  • We will lead by reforming and participating