Services for companies at Vantaa Skills Centre

Vantaa Skills Center helps companies to find new talents and give advice in recruiting related questions. The Skills Centre supports our partner companies also in multicultural work community related questions.

Customized support

Is your business growing and you need extra hands and know-how? Are you wondering how to find the right talent? At Vantaa Skills Centre two Business Cooperation Planners and a TE Services expert are at your service. We will identify the needs of your business and find the right solution for you. Are you Interested? Please get in touch with us by email

In order to find the right talent for your business there are several types of support available. You may find information about work try-out, pay subsidy, Vantaa-subsidy and apprenticeship training here under. Please read more by clicking the links below.

Work try-out

The aim of work try-out is for the participants to establish their career choice or career options, assess the suitability of the work and support a return to the labour market. Work try-out gives the employer an opportunity to get to know a potential employee. It is possible to apply for pay subsidy to cover pay costs during work try-out.
Read more about work try-out here.

Pay subsidy

A pay subsidy is an economic benefit that TE Services may grant an employer to cover pay costs of hiring an unemployed jobseeker. Although a pay subsidy is granted and paid to the employer, the granting of the subsidy is always based on the unemployed jobseeker's need for the service.

Read more about pay subsidy here.

Additional employment support

The additional employment support for businesses and organizations to cover part of the employed person’s wage costs, granted by the City of Vantaa —provided that certain conditions are met. It can be given to businesses or organizations that employ such Vantaa unemployed person whom the Employment Office has granted a state wage support.

Read more about the additional employment support here.

Apprenticeship training

Apprenticeship training is a form of education that simultaneously serves the needs of employers, entrepreneurs and employees. It is organized in cooperation with working places and educational establishments. The apprentice may spend all of his or her training time in the workplace. Training at work can be supplemented with theoretical studies in education establishments.
Read more about the Apprenticeship training here.


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