Employment services for employers


We offer valuable assistance for employment and act as a bridge between employers and job-seekers.


Yritysohjaamo informs employers about existing forms of support and subsidies to employ unemployed people (e.g., work trial, internship, apprenticeship, or wage-supported employment). Employers can give us notifications of employment potentials and vacancies, and we will deliver them further. We will help employers find job-seekers to meet their needs. We will also help in planning and arranging recruitment events.

Contact information: yritysohjaamo@vantaa.fi

Valtti – additional employment support for businesses

The additional employment support for businesses, granted by the City of Vantaa, amounts to €500 per month. Valtti aims to improve businesses’ possibilities of hiring Vantaa’s long-term unemployed. It can be given to businesses that employ such Vantaa unemployed person whom the Employment Office has granted state wage support. It is easy to apply for the support, just contact us, and we will guide you how to begin.

Further information: Tuija Tuononen, 043 8252901, tuija.tuononen@vantaa.fi

Returning and accounting of applications: City of Vantaa, Registry, Employment Services, PL 1100, 01030 Vantaan kaupunki.

Additional employment support for organizations

Employment support for organizations aims to enhance their possibilities of employing Vantaa’s long-term unemployed. The City of Vantaa grants—provided that certain conditions are met—organizations €300 per month to cover the employed person’s wage costs.

Further information:

Returning and accounting of applications: City of Vantaa, Registry, Employment Services, Asematie 7, 01300 Vantaa.

Summer work voucher for the young

The City of Vantaa supports young people’s summer employment with the summer work voucher. The vouchers can be applied for in February, and the application period will end at the end of June. The application forms (in Finnish) are available online, at Vantaa Infos in Tikkurila and Myyrmäki, and at Ohjaamo in Tikkurila. One employer can be granted at max. five vouchers for employing five young people. The condition for the support is that the employer provide an account after termination of employment.