Citizen Services

The Citizen Services department consists of two result divisions, as well as the Multicultural Affairs unit.

Employment Services

Employment Services employs and promotes employment. The result division consists of a service unit, work training unit, as well as the result division's administration. Its operations include Rehabilitation Work Activities, Vantaa Labor Service Center (TYP), as well as employment projects for which outside financing has been applied. Employment Services helps organizations and businesses employ the long-term unemployed and also coordinates the City of Vantaa’s internal pay-subsidy employment.

Municipal Services

Municipal Services is responsible for strengthening the residents’ activity, participation and wellbeing by promoting smooth everyday life, doing together and influencing possibilities. Municipal Services makes the city's services and decision making easy-to-approach by developing counseling, transacting and local democracy.

Counseling and Transacting Services consists of Registry, Archive and Information Management, Phone Services, Vantaa Infos, as well as Financial and Debt Counseling. District Services is responsible for district activities, for preparing and executing matters for which district committees are responsible, as well as for community and volunteer activities.

Multicultural Affairs

The Multicultural Affairs unit plans, coordinates and monitors issues related to multiculturalism, immigrants, and ethnic relations in Vantaa. The unit is responsible for compiling the multiculturalism program, for monitoring its implementation, as well as for the activities of the Advisory Committee for Multicultural Issues and Vantaa's local Roma working group. In addition, it plans projects and partnering with organizations, other cities, and the state.