Group Services

Group Services consists of four result divisions, in addition to which it is responsible for providing occupational health care, search and rescue, and Tulkkikeskus’ (interpretation and translation) services.

  • IT Administration is responsible for the information and communications technology (ICT) and data-system solutions required in the City of Vantaa’s service provision.
  • The Financing result division is responsible for the group assets’ risk management, planning the city’s and group's financing, planning the city's liquidity, management of payment transactions, and the city's insurance coverage.
  • Financial Shared Services Centre is responsible for the city’s accounting and financial statement, compiling the consolidated financial statements, handling and accounts ledger of purchase invoices, the city’s sales invoicing and collection, as well as financial accounting.
  • Purchasing centre is in charge of the city's overall material acquisitions as well as for some service acquisitions.

Keski-Uusimaa Rescue Department, Rescue Services Director Jyrki Landstedt

Vantaa Occupational Health Corporation, CEO Anne-marie Hovi

A-Tulkkaus Oy, CEO Susanna Taipale-Vuorinen

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Contact Information

Martti Lipponen
Deputy Mayor, Group Services
Kielotie 14 A, 01300 Vantaa
tel. 09 8392 2033

Purchasing Director Tiina Ekholm
tel. 050 381 3852

CIO Jarkko Karjalainen,
tel. 043 825 6305

CFO Pirjo van Nues,
tel. 09 839 22014

Director of Financial Shared Services Center Minna Sevón, tel. 040 574 7646