Environment Centre

The Environment Centre of Vantaa promotes the sustaining of healthy and safe environment and advances the residents' health and wellbeing. The Environment Centre has a large scale of tasks including the protection of nature and environment, food safety, and animal protection and health. The tasks are divided between the environmental protection department and the environmental health department.

Cooperation Between the Departments

The environmental protection and the environmental health work in close cooperation, even though many of the Environment Centre's tasks are clearly divided between the departments.

The environmental protection focuses on large-scale environmental issues such as protection of biodiversity and functionality of nature, prevention of land contamination, land use planning, and development of environmental management.

The environmental health takes care of issues that directly affect people's health such as health protection, food safety, consumer safety, and animal protection.

The Environmental Committee together with other authorities are responsible for the performance of the Environment Centre.

Division of the Tasks

Listed below are the central tasks of each department (click the links to read more). The departments also provide consulting and information and handle the processing of permits, notifications, and appeals.

Environmental Protection:

Air and Land Protection
Sustainable Development
Noise Control
Litter Prevention
Water Protection
Environmental Permits and Regulations
Environmental State and Protection

Environmental Health:

Housing Health
Food Control
Animal Health and Protection
Consumer Safety Surveillance
Household Water Surveillance
Health Protection Surveillance
Swimming Water Surveillance