Real Estate Centre

The Real Estate Centre is responsible for the development and acquisition of the city’s office premises and real properties compliant with the city’s strategic objectives and in cooperation with the city's customer departments, City Planning and Financial Planning. The projects emphasize space efficiency, energy efficiency, and cost effectiveness.

The Real Estate Centre acts as an expert and visionary partner in office-premises projects. The Real Estate Centre aims to collect and interpret the customer departments' short- and long-term needs and, based on those needs, to provide a suggestion for development needs and office-space solutions. The Real Estate Centre's Project Preparation Unit and Building Unit are responsible for new building and basic-renovation investment projects, while the Facilities Unit is responsible for annual repair projects.

The Real Estate Centre is responsible for city-level real-estate and construction expertise. Its services consist of energy, indoor-air, cleaning-service, kitchen consultants, as well as cost accounting, architecture, structure and building technologies experts.