Silkinportti Activity Center

Two women talking outside Silkinportti

Silkinportti—situated in Tikkurila—is the City of Vantaa's activity center for immigrants that arranges, together with the third sector and volunteers, myriad activities. The activities are free of charge.

At Silkinportti Activity Center, you can

  • attend the handicrafts and discussion club where you can sew and knit, do your homework and talk with others in Finnish
  • study Finnish
  • meet other immigrants
  • make Finnish pastries
  • gain information on matters you are interested in.

In addition, we will provide guidance and counseling on, among other things, various courses and services in Finnish, English, Russian, Amharic, and Tigrinya. Services in other languages are separately agreed.

Silkinportti office is located in Tikkurila's old silk factory along the Kerava river. Authorities, organizations/associations and groups in Vantaa can book free-of-charge office premises for their meetings and, for instance, integration-promotion activities. For more information, please contact Silkinportti.

Silkki's program for the fall 2018

15:00–17:00 Playing while discussing, Monimaa ry, begins on Sept. 10
17:00–18:00 Basics of music for 5-8-year-olds, Tikkurila library, begins on Sept. 9

10:00–12:00 Finnish-language course for women/mothers, Let’s read together, children are welcome, begins on Sept. 11
14:00–16:00 Finnish-language discussion club for everybody, begins on Sept. 18
17:00–19:00 WALK IN -evening. Housing and peer support for immigrants and volunteers. In cooperation with the City of Vantaa and Sininau-hasäätiö. Sept. 11, Oct. 2, Nov. 6, and Dec. 11

18:00–20:00 Aiku - handicrafts group for adults, even weeks, begins on Sept. 5

12:00–14:00 Finnish-language course for women, Let’s read together
14:30–17:30 Handicrafts and discussion club for everybody, begins on Sept. 13

10:00 – 12:00 Silkki’s morning coffee and breakfast free of charge, in cooperation with Tikkurila congregation and Immigrant Services, begins on Sept. 14. Read more.

Other events

Harvest festival, Oct. 5
Nature trip, the time will be announced later
Christmas market, Nov. 30

Everyone is welcome!

Are you interested in volunteer work?

Would you like to act as a volunteer in Silkinportti? Contact Silkinportti!