Make an impact now

Do you want to make an impact on how issues stand in Vantaa? That is your right. This website informs you of the various ways of participating, as well as of current possibilities of making an impact.

Give feedback and browse feedback given by others, submit an initiative to municipal authorities, or participate in the city’s events for residents or in a questionnaire. You can follow decisionmaking from minutes of meetings and on Vantaa channel, as well as by contacting trustees.

You can subscribe to a local newsletter and have it delivered straight to your email. The newsletter informs about your area's participating and influencing possibilities, about zoning and development plans, as well as about events. Or, you can join Vantaa Spies. Vantaa Spies is a group of enthusiastic Vantaa residents who want to make an impact on developing their hometown.

Residents’ events and online questionnaires

• Apply for the New Vantaa residents’ jury by August 26. Application. Please note that jury works in Finnish.
Area days in Kivistö on Sept. 1, and in Koivukylä on Sept. 7.