With newcomers

Volunteer activities among asylum seekers and new members of the municipality promotes their wellbeing and integration. Volunteer activities at reception centers requires taking a volunteer activities course. Volunteer activities as support for integration may entail helping in multicultural groups and guidance, arranging events, Finnish-language instruction at reception centers or Let’s read together groups, as well as acting as a support person.
Contact: tel. 043 825 0871 / support for asylum seekers; 040 849 3916/immigrant services

Enrolling as volunteer

You can enroll as a volunteer by sending a message to a volunteer activities coordinator(virva.kaislaniemi@vantaa.fi) who will contact you and agree on integration with you. You can also enroll on the congregation’s or Red Cross Finland’s websites. If the organization or community you represent is interested in volunteer work for asylum seekers and new residents, contact virva.kaislaniemi@vantaa.fi.