Initial assessment

Initial assessment will help you find suitable services and cope with everyday life in your new country. The city or Uusimaa TE Office (Employment and Economic Development Office) will arrange an initial assessment for each immigrant moving to Vantaa.

You are entitled to an initial assessment, if

  • the place where you live is Vantaa and
  • you have moved to Vantaa from abroad or from elsewhere in Finland and
  • you have not had an initial assessment before and
  • you have lived in Finland for at least three years.
  • Initial assessment will give you information on studying Finnish or Swedish, finding employment, training and services in Vantaa. When required, interpreters are used in initial assessments. Initial assessment is free of charge.

Requesting initial assessment

Send a request for an initial assessment by email to: You can also call Immigrant Services’ social advisor, tel. 040 764 3251. Or, you can call Vantaa Info's service coordinators, tel. 043 825 0012, who will be happy to answer your inquiries. After your contact, we will chart what kind of counseling we can offer you. If you or your family receive social assistance from Kela and you are not a member of a TE Office, you will get an initial assessment at Immigrant Services.

If you are a new immigrant to Vantaa, unemployed and looking for work, you should register at the TE office, which will conduct the initial assessment. Further information about TE Office services for immigrants is available in several languages.