Support for job-hunting

Construction worker on a site

Are you unemployed? First of all, you should familiarize yourself with TE Office's website. Vantaa TE office is situated in Tikkurila, beside the train station, address: Vernissakatu 1, 5th floor. You can visit the office on weekdays—no appointment required—and use the customer terminals for job-hunting.

TE Office's services for immigrants

Employment and Economic Development Office's (TE Office's) information for immigrants. TE Office will offer you various services—for example, Finnish-language training—to help you find a job. In addition, TE Office arranges many courses and information events to make job-hunting easier for you.

Guidance on social security and taxes

International House Helsinki provides a wide range of information and public authority services to meet the needs of international newcomers in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

Tsempataan töihin – Coaching Works! -project

Are you a migrant? Have you lived in Finland for several years? Are you looking for work or education? Need help with public services?

Tsempataan töihin -project helps immigrants to find employment and also offers guidance for employers recruiting people whose first language is not Finnish. We will be happy to help you in Finnish, English, Arabic, Russian and Somali.

Contact us! No appointment necessary during our walk-in hours.


Tuesday 9–16
Vantaa Russian Club
Unikkotie 3 D, 2nd floor
Tel. 044 774 5089


Wednesday 9–16
Sahan-seura ry
Ojahaanrinne 4 K 4
Tel. 045 145 3133


Thursday 9–16
East-Vantaa Somali Culture Organization & Kafnetti
Rautkallionkatu 3
Tel. 045 133 8124


Friday 9–16 (on odd weeks)
Hakunila International Organization
Kannuskuja 2
Tel. 050 466 8343


Friday 9–16 (on even weeks)
Hakunila International Organization
Kilpakuja 1
Tel. 050 466 8343