Vantaa – helping people and companies prosper

Vantaa is the fastest growing city in Finland in terms of both population and work. There’s a variety of jobs available from practical know-how to requiring high competence and expertise. The future looks bright with increasing growth, blooming entrepreneurship and well-planned development.

Significant industries, clusters and areas

Over 235,900 people call Vantaa home and the city is the fourth largest of the country. The economic structure of Vantaa is vast with more than 100,000 companies, and five per cent of all jobs in Finland are located there. Main industries include trade, services, construction, manufacturing, transportation and storage. Emerging growth clusters on their part comprise circular economy, air freight, food, real estate and production of high-level know-how.

Vantaankoski and Aviapolis areas, for example, have numerous international experts of high competence. The latter is Finland's second largest employment centre, with over 37,000 jobs, and growing rapidly. Vehkala is also building up to be the next large area of livelihood in the greater metropolitan region, offering up to 10,000 jobs.

Entrepreneurship popular

A big part of the working population of Vantaa favour entrepreneurship, and 40% of them have an immigrant background. The City of Vantaa helps businesses establish their operations in Vantaa; find suitable office premises and business sites, chart financing options, map out subcontracting and partnership networks and counsel about recruitment and competency. YritysVantaa offers free assistance and advice in all practical matters. Entrepreneurship-related advisory services have also been brought together under one roof at Vantaa Business Development Center Leija.

Grow your greens with vertical farming

A fast-growing food cluster called iFarm established a start-up in Vantaa in 2019. The international company has expanded to six countries presently and has employees from 10 different nationalities.

“We need people who understand the local culture and ways of working, and people with high technology as well as technical support skills,” iFarm’s Managing Director Europe Kirill Zelenski says, when asked what kind of international talent they’d need.

iFarm’s technologies enable entrepreneurs in cities around the world to grow fresh herbs, leafy greens, berries and edible flowers locally throughout the year. A vertical farm can be set up, for instance, in a basement of a multi-story building, underground parking, unused metro station, warehouse, hangar or even a home.

Core centre of international business

Over 2,000 companies are located in Aviapolis, of which 600 are international companies. The business environment consists of dynamic start-ups and bigger companies that concentrate on logistics and high-tech, for example. The city of Vantaa wants to further advance growth and therefore many interesting development plans are in place for the future for Aviapolis. Brand-new core centre of business and housing is being built next to the airport, with the existing ones located along well-connected main roads and a new railway line.