Immigrant Services

Immigrant Services is responsible for initial social and health services, service introduction, and customer/patient counseling of refugees and returnees moving to Vantaa. The customers include refugees, victims of human trafficking, returnees from the former Soviet Union, as well as initial assessment some other groups of immigrants (e.g., the sick, pregnant, elderly, etc.).

Immigrant Services employs a multiprofessional and multiethnic team:

  • Social workers and social advisors are responsible for social work, social assistance to those with no bank account, initial financial aid, compiling the integration plan, and counseling on applying for benefits.
  • The integration-support team arranges family employees’ and group activities and advises immigrants who have lived in Vantaa for a longer time in cooperation with several organizations and educational institutions. Read more about integration
  • Health-care employees—such as a psychologist, public-health nurse, nurse, health-care advisor, as well as a full-time doctor as of September 1, 2016—offer health and medical services. In addition to basic health-care needs, the patients may suffer from psychological problems, mental disorders, addiction problems, war-related physical and psychological traumas, problematics related to torture and personal traumas that arise from the events resulting in exile. The state of health care in the patient’s country of origin will always be accounted for.

New customers and customers without appointment

Vernissakatu 8 C, 1st floor
01300 Vantaa

Social and health services / Clients and patients with appointment

Vernissakatu 6, 2nd floor,
01300 Vantaa