Versatile neighborhoods of Vantaa

Green and vibrant Vantaa is the fourth largest city in Finland with over 235 000 inhabitants. It’s also one of the most international cities with one-fifth of the population speaking altogether more than 100 different languages. Vantaa holds various benefits for its multicultural residents, including diverse neighbourhoods and services as well as beautiful nature and excellent transport connections.

Multicenter city

Officially, Vantaa is divided into seven major regions, which are then subdivided into 61 city districts. The largest of the regions are Myyrmäki and Tikkurila whereas Aviapolis and Kivistö are the fastest growing ones. Although Vantaa is part of Greater Helsinki metropolitan area and in close proximity to the capital, the cost of living is more affordable compared to Helsinki and the nearby city of Espoo.

Gateway to places

Vantaa is built on good connections: in addition to plenty of buses, public transport is supported by a new railway route, Ring Rail Line, that connects the Eastern and Western parts of Vantaa to Helsinki Airport and Helsinki city centre. A tram service is also being planned for near future. Main highways crisscross the area and take you swiftly to other parts of Finland.

In the heart of nature

Abundant nature is present everywhere with the outdoor areas of Kuusijärvi and Petikko being popular places to visit.

“I really like living in Vantaa, it’s a vital yet safe place. Nature is always nearby and the vast national parks of Sipoonkorpi and Nuuksio can be found right at both ends of the city. For those who like biking, I recommend to cycle along Vantaanjoki to get to Helsinki. There are also a few nice swimming spots on the way,” says Koji Moriwaki, a Japanese manager chef, who lives in Viertola.

Growing and developing

The city is constantly enhancing. It holds versatile living environments from urban block of flats to quaint garden districts and peaceful countryside living. Older neighbourhoods such as Martinlaakso, Korso and Koivukylä are becoming more city-like, whereas new areas have their own distinctive characteristics. And there is no shortage of services. Vantaa has Finland's largest shopping and entertainment centres as well as a diverse cultural and event offer. The local communities are also active organizing joint events and services.