Safety survey has ended - thank you for participating!

The City of Vantaa’s safety survey took place from November 28 to December 15, 2017. There were altogether 1 785 respondents, which can be deemed to be a good result. We thank all the respondents!

The survey generated excellent observations that will help us develop the city's safety. There were more than 3 000 verbal responses that identified places that the respondents deemed unsafe. On the other hand, the respondents submitted proposals for promoting the safety of their hometown.

Based on the responses, safety in Vantaa is mostly on a good level.
The most unsafe places were around the stations and in the vicinity of shopping malls, especially in the evenings. Also unlighted passageways and woods were places that many try to avoid when it is dark. In addition, groups of youngsters gathering at DIXI were regarded as unpleasant.

In general, the respondents were most concerned about the following:

  • Different property crimes such as theft and vandalism
  • Harassment in its different forms
  • Deficiencies in maintenance (especially lighting and street maintenance) and cleanliness
  • Security authorities’—such as the police and rescue department—resources and diminished monitoring. Many respondents also stated their concern about resourcing of work targeted at children and the young
  • Marginalization

We will continue to collect the responses and utilize their observations in the city’s safety planning and safety work. In the future, we aim to conduct the safety survey at regular intervals, which makes it easier for us to monitor and assess how safety, as experienced by the residents, has developed.

Heikki Kangas
Risk-management and preparedness manager