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Vantaa Info is a place where you can take care of issues related to your everyday life and to your leisure time. We offer you expert counseling by utilizing our networks.

Selling of HSL’s tickets suspended at all Vantaa Infos

Charging and selling of Helsinki Region Transport's, HSL’s, tickets in cash, debit cards, commuter vouchers and gift vouchers has been terminated at all Vantaa Infos as of Monday, November 30, 2020. The reason for the suspension is prevention of the spread of the coronavirus in connection with customer contacts.

You can still buy tickets by promissory notes and billing. Vantaa Infos observe HSL’s corresponding ticket-sale guidelines that were made on the basis of the new restrictions and recommendations given by the metropolitan area coronavirus coordination group.

There are other sellers of HSL’s tickets in the vicinity of Vantaa Infos. You can check the nearest HSL sales and service point here. HSL also recommends downloading mobile tickets and travel cards online.

In connection with other HSL transactions (for example, change of customer segment, establishing customership), Vantaa Infos continue to sell value and season tickets.

Practices for Vantaa Info service points during the coronavirus epidemic

  • During the coronavirus epidemic, we encourage customers to take care of their transactions via e-Services, e.g., by phone.
  • Visit Vantaa Info alone. Transaction time at Vantaa Info and computers is 10 minutes.
  • Wear a mask.
  • Please account for safety distances also when you are queueing.

During the coronavirus epidemic, customer terminals are reserved for only transacting with the authorities. A safe distance has been set between Vantaa Infos’ customer terminals; each terminal has a space of its own, which is why some of the terminals are out of use. The premises are equipped with hand disinfectant. We will regularly clean the customer terminal premises. We will do our best to help you; but we cannot come beside you to advise.

Easy and flexible transacting

We will instruct you in e-Services provided by the city and our cooperation partners. We will help you in using the Internet, printing and scanning. Vantaa Infos belong to the network of Service Points.

When you need a Helsinki Region Transport, HSL, travel card or a city card for senior citizens’ or school snacks, come to us. You can also acquire tickets to cultural events as well as other leisure-time products. Here you can also pay city-issued bills, such as health-care or parking fees.

Expert counseling and networks

Vantaa Info offers versatile service counseling. We will reply to your concerns and, when required, we will refer you to the right place.

Experts in different fields are available during on-call hours or at info events. Come and hear, learn and discuss. Do not hesitate to participate; the events are for you!

Together, from me to you

At Vantaa Infos, we will listen to your needs and find solutions for them together.

Come and visit or call us!

Transacting at Vantaa Info

In case of non-urgent matters, please postpone them or take care of the matter by phone +358 9 83911 (Mon-Fri from 8:00 to 15:30), by email ( or over online chat (

When you transact at Vantaa Info:

Come alone. Keep a distance to other customers. Use the hand disinfectant provided. You can use the computers independently for brief, offical use. Wear a mask.


Updated info on coronavirus situaton here.

Early Childhood Education’s customer service

You can take care of, for example, day-care-center applications at Vantaa Info.

The premises of Vantaa Info

Need space?

Renting Vantaa Info's premises is on a break. We rent Vantaa Info premises for private events outside our office hours.