Events and exhibitions at Vantaa Info

Tikkurila and Myyrmäki Vantaa Infos arrange different kinds of topical events and information blitzes. The events taking place during Vantaa Infos ’ opening hours are free of charge and open to the public.

Tikkurila and Myyrmäki Vantaa Infos’ exhibitions view life in Vantaa from myriad perspectives. The exhibitions are available during the service points’ opening hours.


Because of the coronavirus situation we are canceling Vantaa Infos’ events and consultation until further notice. We have also decided to cancel leasing Vantaa Infos’ premises.

Please visit the Finnish Vantaa Info site for more information about events at Vantaa Info.


Vantaan varjeltu salaisuus (“Vantaa’s guarded secret”)

Vantaa Infos’ spring exhibitions will introduce the Hämeenkylä Manor. Carl Ludvig Engel created the unique Hämeenkylä Manor in the 1800s. The modernized manor with its respect for the old and verdant manor parks offers an ideal setting for meetings, family celebrations, and private occasions.

The exhibition is on show at:

Myyrmäki Vantaa Info, March 2-April 3, 2020.

Tikkurila Vantaa Info, April 6- May 8, 2020.

Women's Day 2020: How I became me? exhibition

Students at Vantaa Art School consider their identities and dreams in honor of the International Women's Day. Mayor Ritva Viljanen will open the exhibition at Tikkurila Vantaa Info. The exhibition is part of Vantaa's 2020 Women’s Day program.

The exhibition is on show at:

Tikkurila Vantaa Info, March 6-April 3, 2020.

Inkun Ideapaja 45 years old

Inkun Ideapaja is a business in Korso that passes on the joy of handiwork and success.

In the course of the years, myriad works have been made out of toilet rolls and silk paper. “Viidakko” (“Jungle”), on exhibit at Vantaa Info, is a stand on climate change as well as a tribute to Inkun Ideapaja’s 45-year history.

“Rainforests are being burned in Brazil... The first thing that comes to my mind is two parrots... What could we do to stop climate change... The women are sitting at the table and talking enthusiastically... All the yet unknown species are endangered... How many toilet rolls do we need for this piece... Sometimes I wonder whether there is any sense in this... People’s comments: “that is going to be marvelous,” “will you sell it when it's ready”... doing together, friends’ support...” (Milja Kolmonen, artist of the joint “Viidakko” work)

The exhibition is on show at:

Tikkurila Vantaa Info, May 12-May 29, 2020.