Events and exhibitions at Vantaa Info

Tikkurila and Myyrmäki Vantaa Infos arrange different kinds of topical events and information blitzes. The events taking place during Vantaa Infos ’ opening hours are free of charge and open to the public.

Tikkurila and Myyrmäki Vantaa Infos’ exhibitions view life in Vantaa from myriad perspectives. The exhibitions are available during the service points’ opening hours.

Hygiene instructions for those transacting at Vantaa Infos and participating in counseling/events:

  • Be sure to come to Vantaa Info only if you are fully healthy.
  • Observe safety distances when queueing and during counseling/transacting.
  • We recommend using a face mask or protective visor to the extent possible, if you stay on the premises for more than 15 minutes.
  • Use the hand disinfectant provided. You will find hand disinfectants on Vantaa Info premises, near the entrance, at the desks and near the green sofas at Tikkurila and Myyrmäki Vantaa Infos.
  • These instructions will be applied to Vantaa Info's events.


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Inkun Ideapaja 45 years old

Inkun Ideapaja is a business in Korso that passes on the joy of handiwork and success.

In the course of the years, myriad works have been made out of toilet rolls and silk paper. “Viidakko” (“Jungle”), on exhibit at Vantaa Info, is a stand on climate change as well as a tribute to Inkun Ideapaja’s 45-year history.

“Rainforests are being burned in Brazil... The first thing that comes to my mind is two parrots... What could we do to stop climate change... The women are sitting at the table and talking enthusiastically... All the yet unknown species are endangered... How many toilet rolls do we need for this piece... Sometimes I wonder whether there is any sense in this... People’s comments: “that is going to be marvelous,” “will you sell it when it's ready”... doing together, friends’ support...” (Milja Kolmonen, artist of the joint “Viidakko” work)

The exhibition is on show:

Myyrmäki Vantaa Info August 4 - August 28, 2020.

Bug exhibition

Vantaan Fotokerho and Vantaa Environment Centre arranged a photo exhibition in honor of the 2019 bug theme year, and it received almost 500 works from enthusiastic participants.

Altogether 116 photos were taken of the favorite subject, butterflies. The second biggest number of photos—in all, 78 photos—were shot of beetles. Jukka Ahde's photo of a banded demoiselle won the digital series, whereas the winner of the Instagram series is a fly veiled with dewdrops (photographer: Marjo Kamila). Both series also awarded the second and third best photos. The digital series also granted an honorary reward, and the Instagram series awarded the photo that received the biggest number of likes.

The winning photos were praised for, among others, their originality, resolution, and colors. In general, the most successful photos were of dragonflies as well as those where water elements were strongly present.

Photos of the competition are on exhibit:

Tikkurila Vantaa Info July 28 - August 21, 2020.

Events in Vantaa exhibition

There's a lot going on in Vantaa - and always has been! The sunny summer exhibition takes a walk down the memory lane and reminisces about the happenings in the past as well as parts the curtain and takes a peek at top moments looming in the future.

The exhibition is on show at:

Myyrmäki Vantaa Info September 1 - September 18, 2020
Tikkurila Vantaa Info September 22 - October 16, 2020

Vantaa’s lost beauties

The city is undergoing continuous change: building new and demolishing old buildings. Vantaa City Museum’s pop-up exhibition introduces you to Vantaa's lost beauties, buildings that Vantaa residents have been missing throughout the years.

The exhibition is on show:

Tikkurila Vantaa Info August 25 - September 18
Myyrmäki Vantaa Info November 17 - December 23, 2020