One-stop service! Take care of all your transactions related to the city's and its partners' services.

Helsinki Region Transport, HSL

At Vantaa Info, you can acquire an HSL travel card, and download more time or value on it. If you want a personal travel card, remember to take your driver's license, passport or ID card with you.

We will enter entitlements to discount, name changes and address changes on your personal travel card. We will also help you in case of problems, for instance, if you have lost your travel card or if it does not work.

Helsinki Region Transport, HSL

City grants

You can pick up forms for applying for city grants at Vantaa Info. Likewise, having filled in the grant applications and accounts, you can leave them at Vantaa Info for further delivery.


Payment of city-issued bills

You can pay bills issued by the City of Vantaa, Keski-Uusimaa Rescue Department, and Vantaa Oral Health Corporation, free of service charge, at Vantaa Info. Examples of city-issued bills include health-center fees, the city's sports-group fees, Vantaa Adult Education Institute's course fees, and parking fines.

Cultural Services’ ticket sales

Vantaa Infos sell Vantaa Cultural Services’ tickets to performances, workshops and courses, targeted at children, the young, families with children, day-care centers, and schools.

Enroll in cultural events on weekdays, tel. 09 839 29044, or email:

You will find more detailed information on prices and enrollments in the Kulttuurikaruselli brochure.

Culture for Children and the Young


Kela (The Social Insurance Institution of Finland)

You will find all the Kela forms you need at Vantaa Info. Furthermore, we will help you fill them in and send them further to Kela. You can use our customer terminals for e-Services. If you want to use Kela's electronic services, you need bank identifiers for verification.

Kela (The Social Insurance Institution of Finland)

Photocopies, faxes, and mail addressed to the city

We will photocopy small amounts of documents for you. You will not have to pay for photocopies of documents required for payment of benefits, such as social assistance. Other printouts/copies cost €0.40 / sheet. You can also send faxes both within Finland and abroad.

In addition, you can leave us mail addressed to the City of Vantaa, and we will deliver it.


Residents' feedback and initiative to municipal authorities

You can give feedback on the City of Vantaa's services and activities, as well as make an initiative to municipal authorities at Vantaa Info. Anybody who has an opinion of the City of Vantaa's services and operations can give feedback. Any member of a municipality can submit an initiative to municipal authorities. You can submit feedback or an initiative to municipal authorities in Finnish, Swedish or English.

Feedback and initiatives

Winter swimming in Kuusijärvi

You can get keys to Kuusijärvi's heated locker room (Karhunpesä) at Tikkurila or Korso Vantaa Info. The charge is €50 per season. In addition, you will have to pay a €50-euro deposit for the key, which you will get back when you return the key. Vantaa residents aged 70 can have a locker with a sports card with only a €50 deposit. Be sure to return the keys to Tikkurila or Korso Vantaa Info in the spring, after termination of the winter-swimming season.

Café Kuusijärvi

Land Use customer service

Land Use customer service serves at Tikkurila Vantaa Info, Dixi, Ratatie 11, 2nd floor, 01300 Vantaa.

The joint land use customer service handles issues related to location data of underground pipelines, planning, building permits, various street-area permits, real properties, maps, and city survey.

When you want to find out about alterations to local detailed plans and street plans—which are all on display for a set period of time—go to your nearest Vantaa Info.

Land Use customer service and opening times

Registry Office services

Vantaa Info has forms required for the boat register, investigation of obstacles to marriage, and seceding or joining a denomination. We send filled-in forms and other mail left with us further to the Registry Office.

On uneven Fridays, in general, Vantaa Info Tikkurila provides the services of a notary public by appointment, from 9:00 to 11:00. Year 2019 on-duty hours October 25, November 8, November 22 and December 20 from 9:00 to 11:00. Make an appointment by calling Registry Office or through the online appointment service.

The registry office weds couples at Galleria K in Tikkurila (Asematie 7). still in October. The wedding date at Galleria K is October 25. Customers must themselves ensure that at least two 15-year-old or older witnesses are present. Customers should keep in mind that Galleria K has no lockers. During the weddings, the doors of the gallery will remain open also to the public, which means that there may be other visitors during weddings.

From November 1 to December 31, weddings take place again at Vantaa City Museum (Hertaksentie 1). The wedding dates are November 8, November 22, and December 20. Make an appointment by calling the registry office or through the online appointment system.

For civil status documents and other extracts from the Registry Office's systems, you must mail or visit the Registry Office.

Registry Office


You can buy and collect tickets arranged by NetTicket at Vantaa Info. You must reserve the tickets on NetTicket's website.


Basic education

If you need help in using Wilma in enrolling your child in school, contact Vantaa Info's service points. We will advise you to log in Wilma and send the application. Take with you the student-specific key code that was sent together with the compulsory education notification or the Wilma user ID you created.

Vantaa Info's service points will also help you in enrolling schoolchildren in after-school and club activities.

Enrollment in school

Police counseling services

We offer counseling about police license services. You can use our customer terminals for e-Services. In Myyrmäki Vantaa Info we will help you make an appointment with the police license services, so that you can apply for a passport or an identity card.

Vantaa Info offices no longer handle issues related to driver's licenses, passports or other police license services.

Parking Supervision

Tikkurila and Myyrmäki Vantaa Infos provide parking-supervision customer service. Phone service on weekdays at 12:00-14:00, tel. +358 9 8392 4191.

Additional information on parking supervision

Sports card 70+

If you are a Vantaa resident aged 70 or older, you can get a sports card at Vantaa Info. The sports card entitles you use the City of Vantaa indoor swimming pools and gyms for free on weekdays (Mon-Fri) before 16:00, as well as to use Korso indoor swimming pool during its opening hours. You can also use the gym of Koivukylä senior citizens’ center during its opening hours. In order to go to the Koivukylä gym, you need to get a 10-euro key from Sports Services. In addition, you can have Kuusijärvi outdoor swimming heated locker for only a €50 deposit. When applying for the card, take your ID certificate and a reasonably new photo with you to Vantaa Info. Vantaa Info will verify your domicile.

Further information is provided by: sports secretary for special groups, tel. +358 9 8392 7012 or ticket-sales at swimming pools.

Sports Services

Early childhood education

Vantaa Info provides families with support as regards filling in Early Childhood Education's application forms, making income statements related to customer fees, as well e-Services. We will also help you apply for services.

Phone service on weekdays from 8:00 to 16:00, tel. 09 8392 9481.

Early childhood education

TE (Employment and Economic Development Center) services

You will find all the forms you need at Vantaa Info, and you can use our training and career-counseling online services with our customer terminals. We will send filled-in forms and other mail left with us further to the TE Office.

TE (Employment and Economic Development Center) services

Tax Administration's services

Come and get the tax forms you need at Vantaa Info. You can use our customer terminals for e-Services. If you want to use Tax Administration's electronic services, you need bank identifiers for verification. You can leave us mail to be further delivered to the metropolitan area tax office.

Tax Administration