Sending faxes in Finland, first page €3.00

Sending faxes in Europe, first page €5.00

Sending faxes outside Europe, first page €6.00

- following pages, price/page €2.00

Receiving faxes, price/page €0.40

City card

City card for schoolchildren

City card for schoolchildren (deposit) €5.00

Snacks €0.50 - €2.00

City card for retirees

City card for retirees €5.00

Price for retirees' meal paid by city card €7.78

HSL travel card

HSL travel card €5.00

HSL travel card, handling fee €6.00

HSL containers for travel cards €1.00

NetTicket service charges

Check the valid pricelist on NetTicket's website.

Fishing permits for the City of Vantaa's fishing areas

One-day permit €5.00

Annual permit €30.00

Koivukylä gym’s access control

Access control: €10

Adults: 1 month €30.00, 3 months €70.00, 5 months €105.00

Discount groups / special groups*: 1 month €18.00, 3 months €40.00, 5 months €65.00

City of Vantaa employees: 1 month €20.00, 3 months € 45.00, 5 months €75.00

Discount groups: pensioners, unemployed, students, and conscripts

Sports and cultural vouchers cannot be used for paying at Vantaa Infos where the methods of payment are cards or cash.

Season products

Winter swimming in Kuusijärvi €50.00/season

Winter swimming in Kuusijärvi, key to heated locker room (Karhunpesä) €50/season

Vantaa residents aged 70 with a sports card do not have to pay the season fee and can have access to the locker room by paying only the €50 deposit.

Reservation of Vantaa Info premises

Check the up-to-date prices on our premises-reservation pages.

Other products

Vantaan esihistoria /Vanda fornhistoria book €19.00

Vantaan ja Helsingin pitäjän keskiaika book € 38.00

Medeltiden i Vanda och Helsinga socken book € 38.00

Helsingin pitäjä, Helsinge 2015 book, published by Vantaa-Seura €25.00

Vantaan musiikkiopisto 50 vuotta - eikä suotta book €30.00

Vantaan kalenteri - Vandakalendern, published by Vantaa-Seura €4.00

Vantaan kasvit cd €5.00

Household pennant, 300 cm x30 cm for 6 m-7 m flagpole €30.70

Household pennant, 450 cm X 50 cm for 8 m-10 m flagpole €42.23