Apply to Early Childhood Education

Iloisia lapsia päiväkodissa

You can apply for a place at municipal or private early childhood education year around. The application to municipal day care or private day care acquired as a purchased service needs to be filed at least four months before the child needs the day care place. If the need for day care is urgent, the application needs to be filed at least two weeks before the child needs the day care place. You can apply to private early childhood education by contacting the day care provider directly. Decision on the child's early childhood education place is sent to you by mail or email.

The application period for early childhood education clubs is in April, although applications can also be filed at other times.

Early Childhood Education in the Metropolitan Area

Families living in Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, and Kauniainen are entitled to apply for an early childhood education place also in other cities in the metropolitan area. However, this does not apply to day care acquired as purchased services or municipal round-the-clock care.

When a family moves into another municipality, the day care place remains in the previous home town until the child attends school. Discuss the day care arrangements with your day care center's director.