After-school and club activities

Tytöt leikkimässä

Schools arrange subject to a charge before- and after-school activities for 1st-2nd grade students, as well as for students who need special support. Apply for after-school activities online on April 1-30, 2019. After-school activities for the intellectually disabled will be arranged on school days. In addition, all schools offer free-of-charge club activities throughout the school year.

After-school activities are guided leisure time activities when children can play, do their homework and participate in various activities both indoors and outdoors. Activities will be arranged on a daily basis in schools or in their vicinity after the school day. Private parties, organizations and congregations arrange after-school clubs. Schools usually arrange club activities at schools after the school day. Club activities aim at, among other things, meaningful leisure activities, supporting the growth of children and the young, and preventing marginalization.