Preschool Education Places

Preschool education is arranged in municipal early childhood education units and private day-care centers that have been accepted as official preschool education places by the City of Vantaa. Preschool education is arranged in day-care centers and in some schools. The Education Committee decides on the preschool education places for one school year at a time before the beginning of the application period. When the application period ends, the Education Committee knows the number of enrolled children and confirms the preschool education places for the next school year.

Preschool education is arranged in those preschool education places that have at least 13 applicants. The preschool education group size can be smaller

  • in special groups, integrated groups, and reduced groups as well as in day-care centers that provide night and round-the-clock care.

  • in foreign language groups and groups that practice alternative pedagogics from which the children continue on to similar basic education.

  • Furthermore, the early childhood education manager may, for a justified reason, suggest a smaller group of seven or more children.

In private day-care centers, preschool education can be arranged, if there is a group of at least seven children in the day-care center. The group-size recommendation may be lowered in a private day-care center applying alternative pedagogics, provided that the children then transfer to basic education applying the same pedagogics.

Preschool education places for the 2019-2020 school year