Early voting places in Vantaa

Ballot envelope

You can vote in advance from May 26 to June 8, 2021. Vantaa has plenty of early voting places to choose from.

Early voting places in the 2021 municipal election in Vantaa

  1. Kivistö library, Topaasikuja 11, outdoor voting
  2. Hämeenkylän K-Supermarket, Ainontie 1
  3. Martinlaakso library, Laajaniityntie 3
  4. Myyrmäki library, Paalutori 3, outdoor voting
  5. Shopping Mall Jumbo, Vantaanportinkatu 3, 1st floor near Stockmann
  6. Tammisto K-Citymarket, Tammiston kauppatie 9, outdoor voting
  7. Multipurpose Center Lumo, Urpiaisentie 14
  8. Koivukylä K-Citymarket, Ojalehdonkuja 1, outdoor voting
  9. Community Center Leinikki, Leinikkitie 22
  10. Laurea University of Applied Sciences, Tikkurila campus, Ratatie 22
    (on May 26-27, at 11:00–20:00)
  11. Tikkurilan Prisma, Unikkotie 13
  12. Vantaa city hall, Asematie 7, outdoor voting
  13. Hakunila library, Kimokuja 5
  14. Länsimäki library, Suunnistajankuja 2

Vantaa City Executive Board decided on the early voting places in the 2021 municipal election in its meeting on March 22, 2021.

As a general rule, the early voting places will be open on weekdays from 9:00 to 20:00 and on weekends from 10:00 to 18:00. When you come to vote, remember to take your identity card with you - a driver's license is sufficient. If you have no document with which to verify your identity, you can acquire a temporary ID card from any police station, regardless of your municipality of residence.

In order to prevent coronavirus from spreading, general safety instructions will be applied to all voting places. Voters are recommended to keep a minimum safety distance of 2 meters, to wear a face mask, to observe cough etiquette, to take their own pencil or ballpoint pen with them to the voting place, and to use the hand sanitizer available on the voting place premises. A barcode identity card accelerates registration. Please note that there is no barcode in a passport. Please be prepared to queue outside.

The Digital and Population Data Services Agency will mail polling cards indicating the right to vote to the home addresses of those who have the right to vote. The polling card will specify the voting places both during early voting and on election day, as well as their opening hours. On election day, you can only vote in the voting place specified in the voting card. You can cast your vote in advance in any early voting place in Finland; in Finnish diplomatic missions abroad as well as in their offices; or order postal voting documents from the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland to be sent to you when abroad. You do not have to bring the polling card with you to the voting place; a photo ID is sufficient.

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