Vanhus istuu kotonaan

Information on voting at home

If your ability to move is so limited that you cannot come to a voting place without undue difficulty, you can vote at home. A caregiver living in the same household can vote at the same time. Voting at home can only take place in your own municipality of residence.

If you are entitled to at-home voting, enroll in voting at home, at the latest, by June 1, 2021, by 16:00. You can enroll in voting at home by calling the election commission, tel. 043 825 0017, or by sending email to:, or by mailing the enrollment form to: Vantaan kaupunki, vaalitoimisto, PL 1100, 01030 Vantaan kaupunki.

The notification shall state the voter’s full address, phone number and identity number, as well as the same information about a caregiver voting at home. A person chosen by the voter can make the enrollment on the voter’s behalf.

The election commission will contact those voting at home after termination of the enrollment period and inform them of the time of the at-home voting with one-hour accuracy. The general at-home voting period is on weekdays from May 26 to June 8, 2021.

Download the enrollment form

You can also pick up the enrollment form at Vantaa infos in Tikkurila, Korso and Myyrmäki.

Voting at institutions

Several hospitals, elderly-care institutions, and penal institutions located in the municipality arrange voting opportunities. People entitled to vote in the above-mentioned institutions are only the registered residents, not, for example, employees or visitors.

Voting at home and at an institution takes place at the same time as the general early voting.