Grants for health and welfare promotion

Organizations, communities, or action groups whose operations promote Vantaa residents' health and welfare may be entitled to the grants. The next application period is on February 1-28, 2023

Organizations, communities, or action groups whose operations promote Vantaa residents' health and welfare may be entitled to the health and welfare promotion grants. Welfare promotion grants consist of operating grants and operating grants for actors engaged in important social work.

When awarding the grants, the compatibility of the activities to be awarded the grant with the city's strategic goals and values will be accounted for. Both grants are annually applied for in February.

When preparing decisions on grants, the city will cooperate with the wellbeing services county. A grant for specific activities may only be awarded either by the wellbeing services county or by the municipality.

Operating grants

Health and welfare promotion grants shall primarily support diminishing welfare gaps in Vantaa. The grants are meant for organizations’ basic operations such as maintaining club and organizational activities targeted at Vantaa residents.

The purpose of the grants is to promote welfare, health and involvement; to prevent marginalization; and to promote integration. In addition, the activities shall be based on the principles of sustainable development and promotion of equality between the sexes and, non-discrimination.

Health and welfare promotion grants may be granted to national health organizations, patient organizations, associations of disabled people, child protection organizations, substance-abuse organizations, organizations of the unemployed, as well as other organizations, associations or unregistered action groups whose activities promote health and wellbeing.  The above-mentioned grants cannot be awarded to organizations, communities and action groups covered by an outsourced service agreement concluded with the City of Vantaa.

An organization, community, or action group can be awarded a grant, when it has operated for at least one full fiscal year. The grant awarded may not cover more than 90% of the grant-recipient's operating costs.

If the organization’s residence is other than Vantaa, it must verify that the grant is targeted at Vantaa residents.

Operating grants for parties engaged in important social work

In addition, the City of Vantaa awards operating grants for organizations, communities, and task forces engaged in important social work. The operations shall complement the city's own services. The grants in question primarily support activities that diminish wellbeing gaps in Vantaa. 

The following criteria will be applied to awarding grants to actors engaged in important social work:  

  • Operations significantly boost Vantaa residents' welfare, while lack of them would make it more difficult for the target group to cope with everyday life.  
  • Operations significantly complement the city's own service production, and the city does not itself produce a corresponding service.  
  • Operations are primarily service activities targeted at specific special groups in Vantaa. 
  • In addition to the city's support, the actor has its own fund-raising or other public financing, as well as hired employees.

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